Are you beginning to feel like you’ve said it all and your content is becoming dull? If you feel your content is boring then you can be assured that your readers feel the same way. To gain and keep visitors, it’s important to keep your content fresh and engaging. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you make your content more interesting.

The Five W’s

Take a look at your keywords and keyword phrases and begin looking at them in a different way. Instead of the inevitable “how to” or “tips” articles which you may be tired of writing, consider the following:

* Who
* What
* Where
* When
* Why?

Apply the five “W’s” to each keyword and phrase and begin brainstorming your content ideas from that perspective. For example, let’s say your keyword is “soda water,” you might consider who invented soda water, what is the most popular flavor of soda water, where is soda water most often consumed, when is the best time to drink soda water and why people should, or shouldn’t drink soda water. You can create an abundance of different approaches to a seemingly boring topic.

Turn to Questions & Answers

There are many wonderful question and answer sites. For example, Yahoo answers is a fun site that allows people to post a wide variety of questions. You can use these sites to help you brainstorm interesting content topics. For example, someone might ask:

“How many different uses there are for soda water?”

“Is soda water bad for you?”

“What’s the difference between seltzer and soda water?”

These are all actual questions on the site. You might also look to social media to explore the many questions people have on your keywords or niche topic.

Use Creative Brainstorming Techniques

There are myriad brainstorming techniques that creative writers often use to help get the wheels spinning. You might use a random word generation tool or visual cues to help you think outside of the box. For example, you might open a magazine and whatever is on the page needs to be part of your article headline. You open it and there’s a pair of sunglasses which leads to the following “what do sunglasses and soda water have in common?”

If you feel you’ve exhausted your content topic ideas begin approaching it differently. Use questions, brainstorming techniques and the five w’s to help you move forward and write more interesting content.