Monthly WP Maintenance Package

$65.00 / month

This is a monthly subscription. You will be charged every 30 days according to the date you first sign up.

What This Includes:

  • Install and update plug-ins, themes, and WordPress Software when needed. 2x a month on Fridays
  • Backup website every Friday

After purchase Rebecca will send you an email confirming purchase, and scheduling for WP Maintenance.


"Rebecca has been looking after our websites for as long as I can remember. We simply could not manage without her.  She not only takes care of the day to day operations, she is there with lightening speed for any emergencies that arise.

Most recently, our site was attacked by credit card checkers. They find a small operation and test thousands of credit card numbers to see which ones go through so that they can then use the cards for large expenditures.  This attack caused complete chaos in our system and we were in jeopardy of having our merchant account closed. As soon as we were hit, we reached out to Rebecca and in very short order she put systems in place to block the attackers from even being able to use the cards on our website.  She again came to our rescue.

We are very grateful for her knowledge and swift action that kept and continues to keep our website safe, and functioning optimally."

Brenda Eastwood, RNCP
Author and Women’s Health Specialist


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