In order to set powerful goals that are achievable, take some time to research the dreams you have to find out if they’re even doable. You do want to challenge yourself some but you don’t want to make the goals so hard that you experience only failure. To ensure maximum success, make sure that your goals meet the following criteria:

Match Your Core Values

The more any goal fits into one of the four main areas of life – Family, Financial/Business, Physical or Personal – the more likely you are to be able to set a realistic goal that you can achieve. If a goal for some reason doesn’t fit into one of your core values, it’s not likely you’ll experience much success.

Be 100 Percent in Control

While goals that rely on others aren’t wrong, they are harder to achieve. Any goal that you control 100 percent is a goal that you can reach. Do ensure that you’re not letting fear get in your way or blaming fate for your failures, though. Self-limiting beliefs can get in your way on this one. Be realistic about whether you do have control or not and give yourself more credit. For example if you think you do not have control over your financial future because “that’s just how it is,” you are mistaken and need to eliminate this line of thinking.

Be Able to Envision the Goal

If you can’t see the end result, it will be very difficult to move forward toward achieving the goal. If you need to draw a picture, make a vision board, or take a day out to fantasize about your big dreams and see how they all fit together in the big picture of your life, do so. You need to see the end to be able to truly achieve it.

Be Spelled Out Specifically

Every goal you make needs to be very specific in nature. If you really want to be sure to reach the goal, you have to know when you reached it. Instead of saying “I want to start a business,” state exactly what type of business you want to start, who you want to be your clients, and other information that makes the goal more concrete.

Be Measurable

At which point have you achieved the goal? If you can’t give a number or something that is measurable, then you won’t have a real goal. If you want to use the business example, you might include that you want to earn x amount of dollars each week by a certain date. My best advice to reach your goal is break it down into actionable steps. How are you going to reach this goal? What do you need to do first? Where are you going to promote your business? Will you reach out to past clients? What steps can you take in your business to automate or hire a VA to do a lot of the work you already do, so that you can concentrate on what you love to do and let go of the processes in your business that give you no joy.

Be Actionable

To achieve any goal there has to be steps that you can take to get there. Like using a map to reach a destination that you want to go to on vacation, you need to draw a map to your vision of success with the steps and paths you’ll take along the way. Put not only what but when, and how you’ll accomplish the step. Have a clear cut plan before you go into action. I love using Trello for mapping out what I want to do next in my business. It keeps me organized, and if my goals change I can move the boards around and still stay very organized.

Be Realistic

You don’t want to write a goal that is too hard to achieve or worse, impossible. Be sure that it’s scientifically possible to do it by researching everything realistically. For example, you’re not likely going to start a business today and earn six figures by tomorrow or even the first year in business. Look at the research and determine what is doable and how you’ll do it.

For example you are looking to add x amount of new subscribers to your mailing list. Be realistic, don’t say you want to get 1000 new subscribers in two weeks and expect that goal to happen without HARD work! The best thing to do is set a smaller amount and be ready to promote your website, and your special offer to gain those subscribers. For example first month of your goal have it be 50 new subscribers, when you reach that milestone, then up it to 100 new subscribers. In no time you will see your newsletter explode and each baby step will be a great accomplishment.

Be Timely

Every goal has to have a time limit otherwise you may never achieve it. Start with the end and work your way back to today, creating the list of things to do each day to finally reach the end result. But, do set a time limit. You can adjust as you get into the project if it works to be more realistic, but resist the urge to change the time because you’re not sticking to your task lists.

Keep Your Goals On Top: Hand Off Tasks You Don’t Enjoy: Hire A Virtual Assistant

How on earth can you coach or work with your clients while also getting prospects into your sales funnel and creating books or other signature programs? You can’t, plain and simple, because there is only ONE of you! This leads back to you doing the money-making tasks. Hire a ghostwriter to write your book or programs; hire a Virtual Assistant to help with administrative tasks; hire a Customer Service Specialist to answer your phones and client questions. While they work, you work on building relationships with your clients and prospects.

Technology is wonderful and keeps improving every day but who has the time to learn all these programs and apps? Canva is certainly a cool tool for designing graphics but instead of fooling around for hours to design your book covers or social media graphics, hire a graphic designer who already knows about design and color principles and likely has the latest and greatest design program. There’s no learning curve here. You only have to explain your vision to the designer and let her take over. Your top focus should be on your money-making activities.

By following the steps above you can achieve whatever you put your mind to! The important thing is to give each goal a lot of thought, consideration and study before setting it, and to realize that you are only human and as such things will not always go as you have planned them. You have to remember to always celebrate ALL victories! From the smallest one on your list right on up to your largest goal!

Remember That You Are Awesome!!

Keep Up The Great Work!

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