If someone tells you that affirmations don’t work it is very likely that they tried them and made a major mistake with them. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes so in this article I will reveal the most common mistakes people make with affirmations so that you can avoid them and get the results that you want.

Don’t Go Through The Motions With Affirmations

Someone that you respect has told you that affirmations are a good idea. Maybe you read this somewhere in a book or online. You decide that you will give affirmations a try so that you can transform your life. But you are not totally committed to the idea that affirmations can really make a difference.

As a result, you end up “going through the motions” with affirmations. You don’t take the time to identify your weaknesses and target your affirmations specifically to address these. Instead, you find some affirmation examples online that seem to fit the bill. You copy these for your list of affirmations.

When you are reading your affirmations, you do this without any emotion. There is no passion involved and you just want to get the whole thing over and done with each day. Don’t go through the motions with your affirmations. Believe that they will work for you and create and recite them with passion.

You Want Your Affirmations To Fail

This may sound crazy to you but a lot of people secretly do not want some of their affirmations to work. They were never totally committed to making the necessary changes associated with an affirmation. An example of this could be losing weight by changing to a healthier diet.

You know that you need to lose your excess weight because it will make you look so much better and you will feel better too. But the thought of giving up your favorite foods to do this is not something that you are going to commit to. So, you end up sabotaging your efforts to switch to a healthier diet.

Trying To Make Too Many Changes

You can have too many affirmations on your list. Trying to change too many things in your life at once is not going to be effective. For some people, even a long list of affirmations will not be enough for them. They will want to make the list longer.

It is better to focus on a few changes and achieve these and then move on to other things. You can always add new affirmations to your list and remove those that you have already achieved. At the end of the day if you have too many affirmations you are not going to get the results that you want with some of them and this can make you question if affirmations really work.

No Actions Associated With Your Affirmations

Affirmations are not magic. When you use them correctly, they will have a positive impact on the way that you think and act. But you must act. There needs to be a plan of how you will make the necessary changes that you have created affirmations around.

Some people believe that creating and reciting affirmations are a substitute for them taking action. While it is true that powerful affirmations will inspire and motivate you, there must be action associated with them so that you get the best results.

The Power of Affirmations