Book Cover Design

They say “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover”, but we all know that is exactly what we do when looking for a new book to read. A great book cover is one of your best marketing/sales tools that you have in your arsenal!

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Book Cover Design


This includes:

  • One full revision. Rebecca will create your cover according to your specifications. Should the first mockup not feel like it will do your book justice, there is included one full revision. After the first full revision, client will be charged an hourly rate of $45.00/hr.
  • A full-size version (6×9″) for printed posters, swag, etc. (NOTE: if you need a size other than 6×9″ be sure to let Rebecca know ahead of time.)
  • An eBook version for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Amazon catalogue and Smashwords. The 6×9″ version should work for all.
  • .pdf file of book cover.

What this does not include:

  • Audible/audio cover extra fee
  • Cost of images: Images will be provided by client.
  • Should you need Rebecca’s help in finding appropriate images for your cover, she can do so for a small fee. Images would be sent to you for review. Client is responsible for purchasing images.
  • Revisions that need to be done due to client changing size of book, after work has started. Be sure you tell Rebecca what size you want the cover to be in. Example 6×9, and how many pages your book contains.

Upon purchase of service, Rebecca will reach out to you to set up a phone consultation. At this time we will brainstorm and start the book cover process.

What I Will Need Before Getting Started:

  • Front cover copy
  • Back cover copy
  • Images or artwork using on the cover
  • Number of pages for the book
  • ISBN if not having Amazon or another company automatically assigning one to you, size of your book (regular size is normally 6×9″ if otherwise please let me know)


Are there any types of covers that you don’t do?

I will not do covers for projects that promote hate and violence against specific groups. Such as homophobic, racist, anti-woman etc. if it promotes hate I will not work on the project, as I don’t want my name and artwork associated with those beliefs.

As long as your book has a positive message and doesn’t show hate toward anyone I am fine with creating your book cover.

Do you do fully illustrated covers?

No, unfortunately I don’t – covers created use commercial stock images as a base, which are than edited to fit the book cover requirements we spoke about.

Can I have all of the stock images used in this cover, the fonts, or the unflattened artwork file?

No, if I have to purchase stock images. This invalidates the licensing on fonts and stock. If you purchase the stock images on your own, which I prefer, you will already have licensed them so they would be yours to keep. As far as the unflattened book cover file, no as I don’t allow others to change the work I have done.

Can I show mockups in one of my groups?

I would prefer that you don’t, for several reasons. The first is that I generally give you a lot of different rough concepts at the beginning of a project, and none of these will be of a finished quality or level of detail. Not only do I want to be sure to convey your message intuitively, and be sure your vision is seen, this is my business and my name. Should you show it off, and you get a ton of people saying “hey change this…or do that” the fact of the matter is that everyone has an opinion, and it may not fit with what your message to the world needs to be, and “design by feedback” covers generally end up lifeless and dull.

But if you do want to show off before the final round, please just let me know, and know that generally you will have several different people telling you what needs to be done.

Please keep in mind that this is YOUR BOOK….and you want YOUR message to be out to the world…and not a general consensus. No one knows your book message better than you!


"My Soul's Purpose is to empower holistic women entrepreneurs to ignite their truth, and transform it into a clear message, and help deliver their message to the world.

By using my intuitive abilities to tune into their obstacles, I provide a clear path for them to express themselves by transforming the everyday mundane tasks into magickal possibilites. Allowing them to pursue their best version of themselves, while they focus on what they love doing in their business."

Rebecca White

Intuitive Webmaster, Graphic Designer, and VA