Express Your Truth

Empowering Holistic Women Entrepreneurs:

  • To Ignite Their Truth In A Safe And Secure Environment

  • Transform Their Intuition Into A Clear Message

  • Helping Them Deliver Their Message To The World!

Awaken Your Intuition

Its not just about having the right software and tools.

The right webmaster can help your website represent you!

Here’s How The Right Webmaster Can
Impact Your Business Positively:

Have Clarity

  • Branding Yourself 
  • Your Vision Clearly Defined
  • Clear Timeline for Project
  • Business Basics Outlined

Be Heard

  • Solutions To Your Business Needs
  • Stop The Feeling Of Overwhelm
  • Tech Issues Solved
  • Proactive Action

Be Noticed

  • Freedom To Work Your Business
  • Ignite Your Truth To The World
  • Accomplishment In Your Business
  • Your Soul’s Purpose To The World

"My Soul's Purpose is to empower holistic women entrepreneurs to ignite their truth, and transform it into a clear message, and help deliver their message to the world.

By using my intuitive abilities to tune into their obstacles, I provide a clear path for them to express themselves by transforming the everyday mundane tasks into magickal possibilites. Allowing them to pursue their best version of themselves, while they focus on what they love doing in their business."

Rebecca White

Intuitive Webmaster, Graphic Designer, and VA

What Rebecca Does

Web Design



Virtual Assistant

Formatting Books

Website Hosting

Site Maintenance

Marketing Graphics

Book Covers



I highly recommend Rebecca. Her promptness responding to my smallest concern within minutes is not just impressive, but so important when I have a so few free windows. I am never left in the dark about when something can be addressed. Usually questions or issues are tackled within an hour, if. It 5 minutes. And if Rebecca is not available she immediately emails back setting up a time that’s convenient, normally that day. I usually can’t keep up with her!

No issue or my technological ignorance seems to phase her and she is extremely patient, thorough and very kind and respectful. It was such a relief working with Rebecca after past experiences!
Diana Davis

To build a great website, technical knowledge must be paired with an element of artistic design. Not only am I happy with the website Rebecca beautifully created, she did a fabulous job on my book cover.

Rebecca delivered my product well within the targeted time and cost frame. Her revisions and updates were quickly and efficiently done.

Naomi McDonald

Animal Communicator, Shaman, Words That Work

What Makes Me Different From Other Webmasters

“I am guided by Spirit. I am an expert in using my intuitive abilities to see the obstacles my clients face while creating their clear message. When you work with me you are not alone! We are a team.” -Rebecca White

How Rebecca Works

Rebecca believes that every women entrepreuneur needs to have a safe haven to be able to express themselves in the way that the universe is speaking to them. Someone who is open to the magic of owning your personal space, to work in a nurturing environment, and help them accept themselves for who they are, and share their message to the world.

Rebecca is hands on, and has developed a unique program to help women entrepreuneurs become who they want to be. Rebecca takes you step by step throughout the entire process of transforming your vision into a magical reality.



  • Assessment emailed to you to help Rebecca prepare for your kickstart consultation.


Kickstart Consultation

  • During this strategy session, you’ll tell us what you want to achieve with your new project. Meeting will be done by phone.


Roadmap: Trello


  • Organization: Everything all in one place.
  • You can see what is being worked on and what has been completed.
  • Clear Communication: Collaboration is key
  • Don’t know how to use Trello? No problem, once hired Rebecca will send you training on how best to use Trello.



  • Have Questions? Email access to Rebecca during work hours.
  • Rebecca will be with you step by step throughout the whole development process.


Final Strategy Session

  • During this strategy session, we will go over what has been completed for your project.
  • Make changes to project should they need them.


Launching Project

  • Final review and approval of your project
  • Your website or project launched
  • Discuss your next move in your Branding or Project Needs

Over my 38 years as an entrepreneur, I have worked with countless people.  Some were good or great, but then there’s Rebecca.  She is in another league.

I love working with Rebecca, because she communicates with me.  Simple things like letting me know she received an email takes that bit of worry off my mind.

I’m going back to work after a long sabbatical and I am thrilled I will have Rebecca at my side.  I don’t know that I would be so excited at launching myself again if I didn’t have her leading my team.

Jan Janzen

Queen of Sales, Sales Queens International

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