By Alice Seba

Many people worry about perfecting their website before they start advertising campaigns and other promotional strategies. The thing is, your website will never be perfect and as you drive traffic to it, you will be able to make improvements over time by seeing what really works on your website. Without the real-live visitors coming to your site, it’s tough to know how effective your website will be.

Still, you don’t want to make sure that your website is presentable and will motivate people to buy your product, sign up for your mailing list or whatever you want them to do

Here’s some quick pointers:

1. Do you have attention-getting headlines?

If your website says, “Welcome to” – go back and find something that will immediately grab your visitors attention and make them want to stay and read more.

2. Avoid distractions and excessive navigation.

When a visitor hits your website, you want them to follow certain actions. If you give too many choices with a ton of links, they’ll end up going elsewhere on your site or just leave altogether. When people are presented with too many choices, they often make no choice at all. That’s not good for your website.

3. Make sure you have a call to action.

Each page of your website should direct your visitor on what to do next. Whether it’s to buy a product or join your mailing list…make sure they know what to do next.

4. Study copywriting.

It will be one of your most powerful sales tools. You can’t interact with all of your website visitors personally, so your website needs to do the selling for you. Look at other websites and see which sites really grab you and hold your attention. Use these ideas as a starting point.

Perfection isn’t really required before getting started, but be ready to make improvements as you go along.

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