Every day, entrepreneurs put out videos full of potentially costly mistakes. When used properly, video marketing can be a source of enormous traffic. Yet when entrepreneurs make some of the mistakes described below, more often than not their video fails.

What are some of the common video mistakes to avoid? Here they are.

=> Looking at the Screen, Not the Camera

It’s very tempting to look at your computer screen when you’re recording a video. After all, that’s where the majority of your activity is.

But it’s important to keep in mind that for the user, it looks like you’re looking down or off to the side when you’re looking at your screen. The only time it looks like you’re making eye contact is when you look directly into the camera.

It you’re using a camera to record yourself, always, always, always look directly into the camera.

=> Bad Sound

Having shoddy video quality is fine. Many top video channels are built on mere webcams.

However, having shoddy audio will kill your chances. If they can’t hear what you’re saying, that is infinitely worse than them having a fuzzy video.

Make sure your audio is not too loud and not too soft. Above all, make sure the audio is not too fuzzy.

Get a better mic before you get a better camera. Also try sound editing software to remove any background noise.

=> Poor Keyword Choice

If you’re using video as a marketing tool, it’s crucial that you select good keywords to put into your title. That way, when people search for something related to what you’re targeting, your video will come up.

Of course, just having your keyword in your title doesn’t mean you’ll rank for the search. A number of factors, including views, comments and video responses all go into determining where you rank. That said, if you don’t have your keyword in the title, you almost definitely will not rank.

=> No Contact Info, No Call to Action

Now that you can actually put links in your video, there is absolutely no excuse to not have a solid call to action in your video.

Even if you’re not using it as a primary marketing tool, you want to be linking to your website to build your brand and build your list, so you can send them more videos and more content in the future.

If you don’t get them to your website, you’re wasting a lot of the trust and positive emotional associations you’ve created by showing them a great video.

Put either your contact information or your website in your video. Better yet, link directly to it from within your video and in your description.

These are some of the more common mistakes entrepreneurs make when putting videos together for marketing. Above all, make sure you avoid these mistakes.