Have you ever wondered what was so great about e-books and software you see being sold all over the internet?

How are they going to help you?  Why should you invest in them?  What are resell rights and how are they really going to affect my business?

Are you new to internet marketing?  Do you need to build a website but are not sure how to get started and you do not have the resources or the money to hire a website designer or hire a one on one consultant to teach you how to market online?

E-books are an excellent way to teach yourself new ideas not only for business but for your personal life as well.  From easy to understand step by step instructions on how to build a website to how to market your new website online to learning how to cope with depression or learn a new recipe to wow your guests an e-book can not only save you money and time but also give you another product to offer to your website visitors.

You will not have to rely on others to design your website, if you get a great idea and want to start promoting it you do not have to rely on others to update your site when their schedule allows but go in and update the site yourself.

What about turning what you just learned into a business?

A new service to offer to your existing clients or use this new skill you learned to bring in more visitors to your website.  Think about it, you are new to the internet you are not sure where to start you purchase an e-book to teach yourself a new trade.  There are others out there everyday starting where you were, not sure how to get started, can’t afford to pay huge prices for consultations or website designs.  Now turn that new skill into a money making machine!

Imagine teaching yourself how to build a website using FTP then turning around and offering that as a new service to your clients.

What about how to install scripts on websites, or how to use SEO to enhance your site, so many e-books and software products out there can teach you new ways to increase your traffic.  Learn while you earn is my motto, test out products you see then use them to earn you more money.

What are Resell rights? How can I use Resell rights to increase my income?

Resell rights gives you the permission to resell or giveaway the product you just bought for any price you want and keep all the profits.

Unlike affiliate programs where you have to pay another person out of the profit with resell rights you keep all the profits!  When looking for items to add to your website you need to pick and choose products that will fit your visitor’s needs.  Think about what you would be looking for if you were coming to your site.  Not only can you resell the product but you can offer it for free to gain you more subscribers to your newsletter, add new products weekly or monthly to have your visitors keep coming back to your site.

Many resell right packages come with graphics, websites you can upload to your server or add the graphics to your pages, PDF files, and once in a while a Word document so you can add your own information and become the expert writer. You have all the information you need to start selling the day you purchase resell rights to a product.

Can resell rights really help me grow my business?

I have noticed a huge difference in the traffic to my website when I offer something for free that will help my visitors.  Everyone loves the word free.  Entice your visitors with a great freebie e-book or software product that you have tried and have had great success with, bring them to your site, place the freebie near another offer you have going for that month.

You can also gather together a great package and offer it as an up sale.  What does up sale mean?  Say you have a wonderful product you want to sell, offer free e-books or software for each purchase.  Be sure to totally explain everything they will receive with the up sale, the benefits of the e-book or software that you are providing should they purchase.

Ok so you don’t do web design what about looking into e-cookbooks or self help e-books and software time management.  There are tons of e-cookbooks and self management software available if you know where to look and many of them are very affordable for any budget.

Become self efficient today!  Learn how to run your business from start to finish with e-books and software that come with resell rights!  You will be amazed at what you can do if you teach yourself and not rely on another person to do your website details for you!

Increase your traffic today offer e-books for your clients that fit your site for free, increase your newsletter subscriber base today offer free e-books to new subscribers when they sign up for your newsletter.  Create an awesome up sale by including hard too find e-books and software products that your visitors need and want.

The future is bright; e-books are the wave of the future.  They are easy to use, are delivered immediately so you can learn and earn right in the comfort of your own home.