Facebook is now one of the largest websites on the planet. Naturally, with that much traffic, it only makes sense that someone who’s trying to get traffic to their website(s) should pay attention.

Marketing on Facebook doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few easy marketing strategies for beginners to get started.

Create a Page

At the most basic level, in order to market a business is makes sense to create a page.

Yes, it’s possible to market on Facebook from just your personal account. However, most people who’re interacting with a business rather than a person have come to expect pages rather than personal accounts.

Create your page and make sure you name your page something that’s catchy and relevant. Make sure you add contact information, photographs and anything else you can to spruce it up.

Put Like Buttons on Your Site

Put a like button on your site to make it easy for people to “Like” your page. You can also put Facebook widgets on your site to show people how many people have already liked your Facebook page.

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to Facebook is to use your existing website traffic.

Adding a Facebook widget not only gets you traffic to your page, but builds credibility for your website by showing that you have a lot of Facebook followers and thus building social proof.

Make It a Habit of Posting Content

Make a habit of posting content to your Facebook page at least twice a week.

The content should be entertaining and useful. Post a combination of text, video, events, news and other kinds of content. Post content from both your own website and other people’s websites.

The idea is to get people used to seeing your content in their Facebook feeds and get them used to reading your content, because your content is generally good and useful.

Then when you send out a promotional message, you’ll have built up enough goodwill that people will read it and respond.

These marketing strategies are easy enough that anyone can implement them and see results. Creating a page takes as little as 30 minutes and can have dramatic results on your bottom line.