Being a virtual assistant who’s fluent in social media management is going to be an increasingly lucrative career in the coming years. Social media is quickly becoming one of the most talked about sources of traffic and brand building. More and more business owners are seeking virtual assistants who can manage their social media platforms well.

Do you have what it takes to really succeed as a social media virtual assistant? What are the most important skills and qualities you need to succeed at the job? Read on.

=> Comfort with a Variety of Social Networks

Each of your clients will have different needs and different social networks. In order to be successful, you need to be fluent with at least Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Furthermore, specific clients will have more specific needs. For example, some clients might get a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon and need you to manage their account and relationships with other stumblers there.

In order to succeed as a social media virtual assistant, you need to be fluent in all the major social networks and be able to learn the smaller networks quickly.

=> Ability to Write in a Variety of Voices

You may have one client who’ll require you to manage his LinkedIn profile in a professional and courteous voice. Simultaneously, you may have a client who needs you to manage his reddit and Digg accounts in a crass and satirical manner.

One of the most valuable skills you could have as a social media specialist is the ability to write in the voice that your clients want.

Remember that when you’re representing someone in a social network, you’re basically representing them and their brand. Their readers expect to hear from the brand in a certain voice. If you’re able to adapt to and take on that voice, you’ll become incredible valuable for your clients.

=> Consistency and Organization

Finally, being a social media virtual assistant requires being very organized and very consistent.

For example, one client might ask that you do certain tasks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other clients might ask that you make certain posts on certain dates. Other clients will ask you to handle certain basic tasks every single day.

It’ll be on your shoulders to make sure you manage all these tasks properly and don’t let any balls drop.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be keeping tabs on all the different accounts and passwords of your clients, in addition to important relationships.

In short, you need to have organizational systems that work for you. You need to be able to keep track of notes, tasks, relationships, logins and more.

If you’re fluent in social networks, you’re organized and consistent and you can write in a variety of voices, then you may have the makings of a very successful social media virtual assistant.