website-updateIf you first created your website from a template just because you wanted to be “on the web” but you’ve never updated it, and your website has no real traffic, it might be time to explore the idea of updating it. After all, a website is an excellent marketing tool that can bring new business to your door at less cost than other types of advertising and marketing.

Here are six reasons why it would be time to update your website:

1. Your Website Doesn’t Match Your Brand

If your website doesn’t match your other marketing materials in terms of look, feel, design or even color, it’s to redo your website. It’s important that all your marketing collateral goes together and is obviously from the same business. This is how you’ll get known. Your website should be an extension of your brand.

2. Your Website Looks Old-Fashioned

You don’t have to change your logo or colors to create a website that looks more modern. Today it’s all about layout and responsive design. If your website is not viewable easily on a mobile device it’s time to redo it. Create a responsive design that can be viewed on any size monitor for a quick update.

3. Your Website Does Not Have a Blog
blogIf you built your site with a website builder that doesn’t have a content management system (CMS) or the ability to easily have a blog, then you need to update your site. Badly. Using the *self-hosted version of WordPress  is the best way to create a very easily updated website that has a blog and works great. You need a blog that is updated often, at least three to five times a week, in order to get search engine results and keep your audience interested. (*note: self-hosted means you own your own domain and pay for hosting of your site and use the WordPress software to create your website. NOT using the blogging platform)

4. Your Website Is Rarely Updated
Do you avoid updating your website because it’s hard to use? If you had a web designer build your website using a complicated platform that you don’t know how to use and you can’t even update anything on it, much less add a blog, it’s time to update your website. Today’s websites are designed so that the owner can easily add simple updates, pages, and images to their site without having to call the web designer.

5. Your Website Has No Lead Generation Tools

If you do not have a form in which to collect visitor information, then you need to update your website. It doesn’t matter if you have a bricks and mortar business or a completely online business, collecting the email addresses (or more information) from your visitors should be a goal. If you don’t have simple forms, useful landing pages, and obvious calls to action on your website, it needs to be updated.

6. Your Website Does Not Have Social Media Links
relationship marketingWhether it’s a “pin it” button or a “like” button, your website needs to have easy social media buttons for your readers. If your readers cannot easily share your information, or find you on social media, it’s time to update your website. Today your website visitors want multiple ways to stay in touch, and if you’re not providing it, you’re missing out.

If you’ve read this information and think your site needs to be updated, get started now. It’s not hard to build a great website today using self-hosted WordPress. If you don’t want to do it yourself, find a web designer who can build your new WordPress website for you. Ask them to include all the features mentioned above.