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The Key Ingredients of Lasting Brands

There are certain brands that are ingrained in every consumer's mind: Coke, Colgate, Apple, Toyota, Pampers, etc. Every one of these brands was carefully designed with one thing in mind: to build a brand that lasts. Smaller, non-public companies...

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The Benefits of Getting Listed on Google Places

Google Places is Google's way of giving local business owners an upper hand. There are so many benefits to getting listed in Google Places that any local business owner who's not taking advantage of it is really leaving money on the table. Here are...

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How to Plan Ahead for a Disaster

Disasters happen. Nature can cause problems. You can experience health issues that set you and your business back. You can also become a victim of thieves. However, you can plan ahead for a disaster and protect yourself from a worst-case scenario....

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Creating a Great Home Office on a Budget

Need a great home office to do your work in, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg? If you're just starting out and don't want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, furniture and electronics, you don't have to. Instead, use these tips to...

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Characteristics to be an Effective Entrepreneur

I have been asked by family, friends and business people what makes an effect entrepreneur? I had to really contemplate this question, I have been an entrepreneur online for at least 6 years however my mom will tell you I have really been an...

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