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Copywriting Tips for Powerful Copy

In order to learn how to get the maximum conversion rates possible, in this article we're going to look at copywriting tips from some of history's best copywriters. Internet copywriters have as a whole gotten a bit lazy, putting less effort into...

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Are You Aware of All Your Tax Write-Offs?

You can save a ton of money on tax write-offs if you're running your own business. For many small businesses, taxes are one of their larger expenses, sometimes even their largest expense. Are you aware of all the write-offs you can use to reduce...

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How to Use Stress to Your Advantage

Stress is something that most of us try our best to avoid. Too much stress has been blamed for a laundry list of problems, from mental illness to high blood pressure to substance abuse. But what most people do not realize is that it isn’t so much...

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How to Win Repeat Customers

Repeat customers can make your business. They can provide the cash flow your business needs to thrive. Repeat customers can also provide you with the kind of customer relationships you desire. Here are five ways to win repeat customers. #1 Make...

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Why It’s Important to Deal with a PR Crisis NOW

Business owners facing a PR crisis often wait until the last possible moment before dealing with the issue. Unfortunately, this can cause the business immeasurable amounts of damage - damage that's hard to measure, sometimes even years down the...

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As a small business owner, we have appreciated Rebecca’s promptness and attention to detail when it comes to building and managing our website. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it came to building the site, and does a great job looking after all the small details along the way. We highly recommend her services.

Megan and Lorenzo Boff

Owner, All Star Pools by Lorenzo

To build a great website, technical knowledge must be paired with an element of artistic design. Not only am I happy with the website Rebecca beautifully created, she did a fabulous job on my book cover.

Rebecca delivered my product well within the targeted time and cost frame. Her revisions and updates were quickly and efficiently done.

Naomi McDonald

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